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Posts From February, 2017

Common exercises after a joint replacement

Common exercises after a joint replacement If you’re gearing up for a total hip or knee replacement, chances are you have a lot of things on your mind. Perhaps you’ve talked with people who have had one of these procedures in the past. If so, they likely told you about the rehabilitation and recovery that […]

A brief history of hip replacements

For centuries (and more than likely since the dawn of humanity), men and women have dealt with the aches that accompany arthritis and aging, including hip pain and joint failure. While support devices like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs have always been helpful in relieving the strain, they work to tackle the symptoms instead of the […]

Ready for a knee replacement? You have some choices to make

When you think about getting a knee replacement, it might seem pretty cut and dry. You enter a leading academic medical center facility and come out with a new joint, right? While you’re correct about the end result, the path is a little more complex and varies from patient to patient. Getting a new knee […]

Labral tear? An arthroscopy might be the treatment you need

Being told that you have a hip labral tear can be life-changing. Depending on your situation, some doctors might tell you that you’ll never be able to do the activities you love again: No more running, no more dancing, no more hiking, no more gardening. The rules are strict and serious. For someone who leads […]