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Posts From March, 2017

How is Balance Achieved in the Varus Knee?

The degradation of intra-articular cartilage associated with knee osteoarthritis not only causes the patient discomfort, but it can permanently alter the alignment of the lower limbs. As the abnormal cartilage of the osteoarthritic knee breaks down, the femoral bone begins to settle into the joint space, usually with a tilt to the inside or the […]

Meniscus 101

If you’ve torn your meniscus, you know that it hurts–a lot! But beyond the aches and pains is something more complex. Knees in general are complicated mechanical structures, and if you are about to undergo a meniscus repair, it’s important to me that you fully understand the work that will be done and how it […]

So you’ve fractured your hip…

A hip fracture is a painful and serious problem. Recent studies have confirmed that hip fractures are linked to an increased risk of earlier death. The research indicates that those over 60 years old who suffer a hip fracture have triple the risk of dying within a year after it occurs. This increased risk can […]