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Posts From August, 2018

What happens if you put off a joint replacement?

After working with hundreds of patients from New York and around the country, I recognize that not everybody looks forward to having a knee or hip replaced. I understand why this might be the case, too. The recovery process, as well as the procedure itself, can seem daunting or even worrisome. Some individuals that I […]

Exploring gender and joint replacements

There are lots of stereotypes about what makes men and women different from one another. You hear them all the time, whether it is written through dialogue in books, performed by a comedian during a stand-up bit, acted out by cliché characters in movies, or just overhead on the streets of New York. Many of […]

How a bad hip impacts other parts of your body

It’s pretty obvious that a hip surgery will impact the way your joints feel and how you move. What you might not realize, however, is how a hip procedure can positively address other concerns. Depending on how long you have been suffering from hip pain, you’ve probably felt it impact other areas of your body, […]

The three Ps of joint replacement recovery

When I chat with patients about upcoming hip and knee replacements, we go over a lot of scenarios and details so that there are no surprises during the surgery process. It’s important to me that individuals feel confident and comfortable with whatever surgical technique is before at them and prepared for the recovery steps that […]

Talking to your older parents about joint replacements

Have you noticed your parents dealing with a lot of chronic hip or knee pain as they age? Maybe they are not able to do the same activities that they once did. Perhaps you have even seen them grow sad or frustrated by their aches and immobility. It can be challenging when you switch roles […]

Why staying active matters (and joint treatments help)

There are a lot of reasons that individuals choose to have joint replacements and joint repairs. Some want to keep up with grandkids and other loved ones. Others wish to continue or keep up with activities they love, like gardening, ballroom dancing, bike riding, and other hobbies. And sometimes, people are just tired of living […]