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Dr Patrick Meere Featured in New York Times Article: It’s Not Your Parents’ Hip Replacement Surgery

If I’ve learned anything during nearly six decades of reporting on medical science, it’s that the longer you wait, the better the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment are likely to become. That’s true for almost every field of medicine — cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, etc. And it may be particularly relevant for orthopedic surgery, a […]

Doctor examining patient's knee before knee arthroscopy.

Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy

When is knee arthroscopy recommended and why is it the best choice? The knee joint is not only one of the most complex joints in the body, it also happens to be the largest. The four main parts of the knee are: Bones – three bones come together to make up the knee joint, the […]

Doctor looking over an x-ray of bones affected by osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Are there things that can be done to reduce hip and knee fractures by preventing osteoporosis? Besides her iconic movie roles, legendary actress Bette Davis was known for being rather outspoken. One of her more memorable quotes, which was about the process of growing older, was “Old Age Isn’t for Sissies!” If that made you […]

Doctor looking at x-ray of an artificial knee.

When Revision Knee Replacement Surgery May Be Required

If I have knee joint replacement surgery, will I have to have it redone sometime in the future? Total knee joint replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures being done today. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, well over 600,000 of these procedures are performed each year in the U.S […]

Dr. Patrick Meere discusses whether or not a joint surgery impacts your work-life.

Can a Joint Surgery Impact Your Work Life?

Whether you love or hate your job, chances are you spend a lot of time at it. In New York and beyond, Americans work hard. In fact, some individuals even consider putting off key joint replacement surgeries for fear of missing time at the office. This can be negative for several reasons. First, it can […]

Patrick A. Meere discusses the weird areas where hip pain surfaces on your body.

Weird Ways Hip Pain Can Surface Elsewhere in Your Body

Hip issues are sneaky. One day, you’re living your best life, playing a pick-up game of basketball in a New York park or lifting weights at your favorite gym. The next day, you’re popping over-the-counter pain medications and rubbing your achy joints when a storm approaches. OK, that might be a little dramatic. But it […]

Patrick A. Meere, M.D. discusses how a hip replacement can improve your life.

Can a Hip Replacement Help Extend Your Life?

I love seeing New York patients who are living life to the max after having a hip or knee replacement surgery under my care! I take great pride in researching and applying new and innovative techniques in my operating rooms, and I do my best to take time to educate individuals about how a joint […]

Is aquatic therapy the right fit for you?

When you are recovering from a hip surgery, the last thing you want to do is place an unnecessary amount of strain on your healing joint. At the same time, you need to keep moving in order to help your body properly heal and avoid gaining extra weight that can cause problems down the line. […]

Understanding your joint pain

Joint pain is so frustrating, especially when it impacts your hips. As you age, it’s important to keep track of your hip joint aches to see what the underlying problem might be and how you can make it stop. Below are a few things that I tell my New York patients to be aware of. […]

Why Does My Hip Hurt?

What are the likely causes of the pain in my hip? The human body is a complex and pretty remarkable organism. We make extreme and ongoing demands on it, many of which do not stop even while we are sleeping, and we generally simply take for granted that it will meet those demands. When some […]