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The New Frontier: Robots Hone Their Surgical Skills

Is robotic-assisted joint replacement right for you? For some portion of the population the idea of robots performing surgery still seems futuristic and perhaps frightening. For orthopaedic surgeons and their patients, however, robots possess skills beyond those of mere mortals. The precision of robotic hands, controlled by human knowledge and directions, is extraordinary, leading to […]

Back to Basics: How Joints Work

Our bodies are simply amazing. They are capable of doing so many things, some of which we don’t even notice until they are no longer functioning correctly. That’s the case for many of the New Yorkers that I see in my clinic. You might notice that you have perfectly healthy knees or hips one day, […]

Surprise! You can still be active after a knee replacement

Knees are very complex mechanical structures that can easily be hurt by injury and disease — especially with age. For many, a knee replacement is the solution to pain and mobility concerns. If you’re one of the thousands of Americans considering a partial or total knee replacement, life without those troubles is likely an enjoyable […]

Life With Your New Knee: What’s Normal and What’s Not

Getting a knee replacement is a big deal. For many of the patients I see in New York, it can be life-changing and allow them to get back to the hobbies and activities that they love. Before a surgery takes place, I like to sit down with my patients and have a conversation about what […]

Why some joint replacements fail–and how to avoid it

It’s no secret that knee and hip replacements change lives–just ask one (or more!) of my patients who have undergone a procedure. New joints can get you back into the activities you feared were long gone due to Osteoarthritis or other symptoms of aging. As a result, getting a “new” knee or hip has almost […]

Here’s why your hip replacement experience will be unique

Hip replacements are pretty common these days. In fact, chances are likely that you know some people who have had one. If that’s the case, you’ve likely heard about their experiences, and you might feel like you have a good understanding of what to expect when you go in for one of your own. While […]

Prepping for a Joint Replacement

Technology has greatly improved the way doctors approach hip and knee replacement surgeries — in terms of both surgical approach and healing time. With the minimally-invasive techniques that I specialize in, patients can be out of a knee replacement surgery and walking without the assistance of a cane in as soon as three weeks. That’s […]

Yes, you and your new knee can recover at home

When it comes to getting a new joint, the idea of dedicating weeks to recovery can seem a little bit overwhelming, especially if you envision spending several days at a hospital or rehab facility while you heal. Although this is a common concern among many of my patients, the truth is that it is not […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a New Joint

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my patients over the years, it’s that they really know how to live life to the fullest. My clients come from all walks of life, and their interests and hobbies range from hiking and biking to ballroom dancing and gardening. Several of them also enjoy hitting the road […]