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Why some joint replacements fail–and how to avoid it

It’s no secret that knee and hip replacements change lives–just ask one (or more!) of my patients who have undergone a procedure. New joints can get you back into the activities you feared were long gone due to Osteoarthritis or other symptoms of aging. As a result, getting a “new” knee or hip has almost […]

Here’s why your hip replacement experience will be unique

Hip replacements are pretty common these days. In fact, chances are likely that you know some people who have had one. If that’s the case, you’ve likely heard about their experiences, and you might feel like you have a good understanding of what to expect when you go in for one of your own. While […]

Prepping for a Joint Replacement

Technology has greatly improved the way doctors approach hip and knee replacement surgeries — in terms of both surgical approach and healing time. With the minimally-invasive techniques that I specialize in, patients can be out of a knee replacement surgery and walking without the assistance of a cane in as soon as three weeks. That’s […]

Preserving vs. replacing a damaged joint

I see a lot of patients who are having knee pain and want to make a change in their lives. They are usually very excited about the idea of getting back to the activities that they love, whether that is hiking, gardening, dancing, or just spending time with family in New York and around the […]

Easy changes to protect your joints (original and new)

When we get into a busy routine and are distracted by activities, it’s easy to overlook how hard our body is working. However, the ways we move and treat our body matter, especially when it comes to joint health. Our joints play a pivotal role in the way we function on a day-to-day basis, so […]

What happens if I need both a hip and a knee replacement?

As Americans live longer, arthritis becomes a more and more common infirmity. In a great many cases, the joints affected are the hips and knees. The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) estimates that in less than 15 years, there may be a need for 500,000 hip replacements and 3,000,000 knee replacements among […]

Want to better understand how a hip replacement works?

I recently stumbled upon an NPR article that got me laughing. Apparently, researchers noticed that a lot of medical explanations are provided to patients and potential patients at a reading level that is not very helpful. To get a better understanding of what might be more effective, they enlisted the help of children around the […]

Once questioned as science fiction, more surgeons becoming open to using robots

Surgeons are increasingly becoming more open to using robots during medical procedures, which is good news for medical device manufacturers including Stryker Corp. and Smith & Nephew PLC. Just a few years ago, using robots in surgeries was “barely on the map,” said Patrick Meere, an early adopter of the technology that helps guide surgeons during procedures. But […]

Common questions about the labrum

A few years ago, New York native Lady Gaga disappointed and worried her “Little Monsters” when she canceled her remaining tour dates due to a health issue. Although she tried to keep things hush-hush for a time, the truth eventually came out and it was revealed that she had severely damaged her hip, leading to […]