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Foods that help joint health

If you are experiencing joint pain, including in your hips or knees, you might be at a point where you are interested in hearing about any fixes that are out there to ease the aching. You aren’t alone. Joint pain can be incredibly stressful, particularly if it gets in the way of activities that you […]

Early signs of joint problems

We all encounter joint pain from time to time in our lives. Whether it’s from an athletic injury, overworking our bodies, forgetting to stretch before getting back into an exercise regimen, or something else. For most New Yorkers, these aches and pains decrease over time and disappear with rest, ice, compression, elevation, and other at-home […]

How a knee replacement can get you back into running?

For some of my patients, running is more than just a hobby. For them, it is an all-consuming passion. Some are lifelong runners, having competed in races since high school or college. Others have picked up the sport later in life and have found great joy in the challenges and victories that it brings. Whether […]

Great exercises for after a hip replacement

Once you have had a hip replacement, you’ll probably be eager to get out and test it. That’s all well and good, and your new joint will certainly help you participate in fun activities that you have had to stop doing or have never been able to try before. Still, it takes time for your […]

Life with your new knee: What’s normal and what’s not?

Getting a knee replacement is a big deal. For many of the patients I see in New York, it can be life-changing and allow them to get back to the hobbies and activities that they love. Before a surgery takes place, I like to sit down with my patients and have a conversation about what […]

Dr. Patrick Meere is an Honoree at the NYU Langone Musculoskeletal Ball 2017

The future of musculoskeletal care is here at NYU Langone Health. Celebrate our recent advancements at this year’s Musculoskeletal Ball. We’re making the art of movement a science. Our surgeons are using robotics and sensor-assisted technology to give patients shorter hospital stays. Our therapists are pioneering new care strategies for quicker recovery times. Our scientists […]

Signs you’ll need a joint replacement

As knee and hip joint replacements become more and more common in the New York area and across the nation, we are starting to understand some of the reasons a person might need one to begin with. Although there are no guarantees that person will or will not at some point need a joint replacement […]

How to increase the odds of a successful joint replacement

Always be prepared. This Boy Scout motto, which has been widely adopted in mainstream society, is tried-and-true advice, especially for those of us who live in a city as unpredictable at New York. While this mentality is useful for many things in life, it is especially helpful as you prepare for a hip or knee […]