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Surprising facts about your hips and knees

When we’re running around, working, playing, and completing errand after errand in fast-paced New York, it can get so easy to take our knees and hips for granted. That is, until something happens, like a fracture or strain, and we can’t rely on them like we are used to doing. Hips and knees are fascinating […]

When joint replacements go wrong: preparing for the worst (and rare)

For the most part, joint replacement surgeries are routine procedures that lead to life-changing results. In fact, total knee and total hip replacements are successful in more than 90 percent of well-selected patients, with both types lasting on average of upward of 15 years. Still, hip and knee replacements should not be approached casually. They […]

Who’s getting joint replacements?

Regardless of how difficult severe knee or hip pain is making their lives, many of my patients remain reluctant about the idea of having a joint replacement. Perhaps they think that the procedure makes them “officially old” or that the hassle of a surgery is not worth the result. It’s regrettable, because a hip or […]

How is Balance Achieved in the Varus Knee?

The degradation of intra-articular cartilage associated with knee osteoarthritis not only causes the patient discomfort, but it can permanently alter the alignment of the lower limbs. As the abnormal cartilage of the osteoarthritic knee breaks down, the femoral bone begins to settle into the joint space, usually with a tilt to the inside or the […]

Meniscus 101

If you’ve torn your meniscus, you know that it hurts–a lot! But beyond the aches and pains is something more complex. Knees in general are complicated mechanical structures, and if you are about to undergo a meniscus repair, it’s important to me that you fully understand the work that will be done and how it […]

So you’ve fractured your hip…

A hip fracture is a painful and serious problem. Recent studies have confirmed that hip fractures are linked to an increased risk of earlier death. The research indicates that those over 60 years old who suffer a hip fracture have triple the risk of dying within a year after it occurs. This increased risk can […]

Common exercises after a joint replacement

Common exercises after a joint replacement If you’re gearing up for a total hip or knee replacement, chances are you have a lot of things on your mind. Perhaps you’ve talked with people who have had one of these procedures in the past. If so, they likely told you about the rehabilitation and recovery that […]

A brief history of hip replacements

For centuries (and more than likely since the dawn of humanity), men and women have dealt with the aches that accompany arthritis and aging, including hip pain and joint failure. While support devices like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs have always been helpful in relieving the strain, they work to tackle the symptoms instead of the […]