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Category Archives: Knee Replacement

What’s the deal with weather-related joint pain?

Are you one of those people who can “predict the weather” based on how your joints feel? This method of forecasting has been discussed for years, still many chalk it up to an old wives tale or simple lore of the past. It turns out, though, that your hips and knees might know what they […]

Common questions about knee replacement recovery

When it comes to feeling prepared for your upcoming knee replacement surgery, you can never ask too many questions. In fact, I would always rather have patients who feel excited and knowledgeable about their procedure than ones who are too afraid speak up about concerns. What individuals wonder and worry about varies from person to […]

What to Expect During Knee Replacement Recovery

Is there anything I can do to make the recovery process go more smoothly after knee replacement surgery? It seems to be a quirk of human nature that we tend to take for granted those things that we actually depend on the most. An excellent example of this is the knee. We expect a lot […]

Life With Your New Knee: What’s Normal and What’s Not

Getting a knee replacement is a big deal. For many of the patients I see in New York, it can be life-changing and allow them to get back to the hobbies and activities that they love. Before a surgery takes place, I like to sit down with my patients and have a conversation about what […]

Yes, you and your new knee can recover at home

When it comes to getting a new joint, the idea of dedicating weeks to recovery can seem a little bit overwhelming, especially if you envision spending several days at a hospital or rehab facility while you heal. Although this is a common concern among many of my patients, the truth is that it is not […]

Game Changer: The Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

The secret is out… Knee replacement surgery changes lives. From a former marathon runner who was starting to have trouble climbing stairs until the procedure, to a Brooklynite who went from struggled walking to kayaking and hiking, the procedure has improved the lives of many. Each year, hundreds of thousands of knee replacements are performed […]