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Weird Ways Hip Pain Can Surface Elsewhere in Your Body

Hip issues are sneaky. One day, you’re living your best life, playing a pick-up game of basketball in a New York park or lifting weights at your favorite gym. The next day, you’re popping over-the-counter pain medications and rubbing your achy joints when a storm approaches. OK, that might be a little dramatic. But it is certainly true that hip problems can surprise you when you least expect them. Men’s Health recently spotlighted the phenomenon of men undergoing hip surgery or therapy earlier than previous generations. For some, hip issues emerge as early as in the 20s, and more and more 45- to 54-year-olds are opting for hip replacement.  I work with a lot of individuals who are experiencing joint issues manifesting in unexpected ways, and I’m listing some below. If you’re experiencing similar aches, it might be time to schedule an evaluation. 

Back pain

Our body parts are made to work together in harmony. If your hips are stiff or otherwise unable to function properly, your lower back could be taking on your rotations instead. That’s nice in theory, but since your back doesn’t typically work in this fashion, the shock can create aches and pains that are hard to ignore. Yikes! 

Torn ACL

You can tear your ACL in a variety of ways, including overuse and traumatic accidents. Tears like this are common among athletes of all ages and skill levels. This unfortunate injury can also be associated with hip issues. If your hips have limited mobility, your legs might be tasked with filling in for them to keep up with your routine. This might cause them to move in abnormal ways and produce a tear that is often only fixable with a surgical procedure. 

Achy feet

If you are on your feet a lot for a service job, hobby, or athletic pursuit, you might simply expect your dogs to be barking at the end of the day. You can prevent soreness by using the right shoes and supportive products, but there’s not much you can do to adjust for the way your hip pain makes you move. If you are trying to navigate the world in a way that reduces strain on your hips, you might find yourself walking differently or even strangely. This change of pace can inflame your feet, directly causing them to hurt.

Groin pain

It might feel awkward to talk about aches in this area, but groin pain appears when labrum tears are an issue. If you avoid fixing these tears, the pain might only get worse, especially if you are active in athletics or work out on the regular. 

Hip pain is bad enough on its own, but when it starts to impact other areas of your body, it can be downright frustrating. You deserve a life free of injury, and if you’re ready to address the hip issues causing trouble, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with me.

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