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Acing My Hip Replacement Recovery

In August 2017 I finally had my left hip replaced.

Three years prior in January 2015 Dr Patrick Meere had diagnosed that I was bone on bone with no cartilage and arthritis in the Hip joint. In my second career as a Tennis Teaching Pro and after nearly five decades of playing Squash, Field Hockey and Tennis I had worn out a vital part of my body. In those three years leading up to surgery, although I was in great pain I was not ready physically, mentally or financially to have surgery knowing it could take up to six months to get my fitness level back. Taking time off from my teaching job would mean lost earnings and hardship to my clients, in addition was the risk of loosing business and not being able to build that up again.

I got to the point of no return last summer and was in so much pain it was difficult to even stand up let alone run around a tennis court! I would ask friends to give me their seat in a Bar and when shopping I had to hold on to the shopping cart for support. Fortunately my employer helped me financially and were proactive in making me recover, it also helped that one of my daughters was living with me and she was able to help me at home and on the tennis court.

I was then ready and contacted Dr Meere on my return from vacation where I was told by family and friends what a mess I looked. Thankfully they were able to fit me into to their schedule and I had a date within three weeks. Dr Meere said that I had not done any additional damage by waiting and further said he had performed in excess of 300 surgeries since we last met and that had given him even more experience.  I quickly arranged all the Pre-Op testing and I feel because I have stayed healthy working out in the Gym and taking Herbal Supplements that all my tests were good.

I found the Doctor’s office very helpful, encouraging and efficient in getting me ready for the Surgery. They were also able to navigate through the Insurance jungle so I was totally aware of the costs of Surgery and Hospital.

On the morning of the Surgery I arrived at NYU Langone totally at peace and ready. Everyone of the Nursing staff had a special word to say about Dr Meere and this made me feel even more confident that I was in the hands of the best. He also visited me before surgery and was able to share that he runs through the surgery on a Computer assisted template the night before and that all was ready for my operation.

With his background in physics Dr Meere has a tremendous grasp of the technical aspects of this type of replacement surgery in his use of Robotics; he maintains that with this technology there is far great accuracy and used the analogy of “Wheel Alignment” to describe the necessity to have everything lined up. I have a number of friends who underwent the surgery within the last year and I have no doubt I had the best result.

I stayed in Hospital for two days and had regular visits from Dr Meere and his assistant.

All staff were excellent and I was constantly monitored; I was given PT immediately and learned to move with a walker then crutches.

On  returning home I was visited by Nurses and a Physio-Therapist and used Dr Meere’s App that monitored my exercise daily. This plotted my progress and was an excellent way to track my progression.

After 3 weeks I was able to go to Out-Patient PT which I did for three months which fortunately was all covered by Insurance. In December I stopped PT but then started working with a Personal Trainer once a week; I continue this training in addition to doing the exercises given to me for homework. I also do Bikram Yoga two times a week.

The result of all this is that I am able to work pain free and after 8 months am looking forward to playing competitive tennis again this Spring.


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