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Can a Hip Replacement Help Extend Your Life?

I love seeing New York patients who are living life to the max after having a hip or knee replacement surgery under my care! I take great pride in researching and applying new and innovative techniques in my operating rooms, and I do my best to take time to educate individuals about how a joint surgery will impact them.

Connection Between Hip Replacement and Life Expectancy

Last year, research published in ScienceDaily found a connection between hip replacement surgery and longer life expectancy. According to the study, “Hip replacement surgery not only improves quality of life but is also associated with increased life expectancy, compared to people of similar age and sex.”

The researchers analyzed the survival rates of nearly 132,000 patients in Sweden who received a hip arthroscopy from 1999 through 2012. The average age at hip replacement was about 68 years, and survival after surgery was longer than expected when compared to people of similar age and sex in the Swedish general population.

Of course, life is guaranteed to no one, and studies like this have limitations. In fact, researchers noted that their numbers were probably influenced by a multitude of factors, including a patient’s health prior to surgery. 

Still, this is promising news to individuals who are considering having a hip replacement. What I found particularly striking was a quote from one of the researchers, Dr. Peter Cnudde. 

He said, “Our study suggests that hip replacement can add years to life as well as adding ‘life to years’ — increasing the chances of longer survival as well as improving the quality of life.” 

Quality of life has a lot to do with attitude and personal choices. Many people wonder how they’ll know when it’s the right time to have a joint surgery. To me, that answer is when a joint is so painful it keeps you from doing the things you enjoy. Time and time again, I have seen men and women add “life to years” after having a joint repair or replacement. Sometimes, I work with individuals who have long been limited in what they could do because of joint pain. By working together, we are able to get them back into the activities they love, whether that is exercising, dancing, hiking, gardening, or just spending time with family. Joint procedures can truly change lives.

What’s more, today there are multiple approaches to a joint replacement that make both the surgery and recovery easier than it has ever been before. Thanks to minimally invasive techniques and robotic assistance during procedures, operations are faster, smoother, and more effective than in years past. It’s not uncommon to see patients back to their regular routines within months.

Contact Us If You Are Living with Joint Pain

If you are living with joint pain and wondering about your options to heal and be a better you, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation. I would be happy to discuss your care choices and lead you through the process of improving your joint health. 

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