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A new joint in one day? Welcome to the modern world!

Imagine walking into a New York doctor’s office in the morning with significant hip pain. The aches and pains echo deep within your body, but they have become familiar thanks to years of arthritic issues. Perhaps your gait is slower paced than it once was, and you need a cane or walker for support. Maybe you even had to have someone drive you to your appointment.

Now imagine leaving in the afternoon with a brand-new joint that’s free from damage and flows impeccably in your hip socket. In the evening, you you fall asleep in your own bed with dreams of soon getting back to the activities you love.

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this scenario would have been the work of science fiction. But today, it can be a reality for many individuals who have for years suffered from chronic joint issues. How do we do it? By using a direct anterior approach that allows patients to have a complete procedure with little to no hospital time.

As noted by AARP, this technique is less invasive than traditional methods used in the past. That’s because we access the femur through a small incision in the front of the hip joint instead of cutting muscles and tendons to find the area of concern. It’s something that I’ve spent a significant portion of my career studying and perfecting, and I’m delighted to offer it to the individuals I work with. There are so many advantages to this method. First and foremost, patients typically deal with less swelling in the surgical area. The reduces discomfort and allows you to more easily move after surgery. The technique also decreases your risk of both excessive lengthening and transfusion. Finally, your recovery time will be shorter and your flexibility will be greater than with more traditional methods. The feedback I have received from patients who have undergone this surgery is overwhelmingly positive. Some individuals are riding bikes, gardening, ballroom dancing, and running races just a few months after leaving the hospital. It brings me such joy to see them living their best life because of these tech advances and care of my clinic.

It’s important to remember that this procedure isn’t for everyone. Although our team at NYU Langone sent 225 patients home the same day they had hip replacement surgery last year, keep in mind that this technique can’t be used in all scenarios. To qualify for the procedure, it’s helpful if you are in good physical shape and under the age of 60. Certain medical complications, like cardiac disease, chronic liver disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and obesity, can also eliminate you from consideration. Additionally, you must be willing to devote a substantial amount of time to physical therapy both before and after surgery to help you heal properly. But don’t despair! You have other options, including alternate approaches, that offer the same results without sacrificing quality.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the direct anterior approach and if it right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. You deserve a joint that helps you live a rich life, and we want to help you get it!

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