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A Day In the Life Of Your Knee

If you use them on a daily basis, it becomes easy to take your knees for granted. For many New Yorkers, knees get us where we need to go on a and help us complete tasks that we enjoy. But have you ever stopped and considered exactly what your knees go through each day? A recent piece in Reader’s Digest offered at first-hand account of the day in the life of a knee. The essay was humorous, but filled with great information about how the joints function to help us. Here are a few things that stood out in the article.

Surgery can help

Part of the plot is the knee’s past trouble—and the surgery that offered relief. The knee tells us a little bit about an ACL injury caused during a pick-up game of weekend basketball: “The Body had been out of college for ten years and had let all of us (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) go to pot,” the knee recounts. “Just ran right out there like the college athlete he no longer was – no warming up, no taking it easy – and snap!” The knee goes on to explain that surgery and physical therapy made things better, but that the process was painful and simply no fun. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s important that you seek immediate assistance and learn all your options for recovery to prevent more complications down the line.

Your weight matters

Our joints carry a lot of our body’s weight, and the knee bears a large piece of it. This wouldn’t matter much if the weight was from outside factors, like backpacks or the occasional weightlifting event, but when it is from fat, the toll is continuous and can have a significant impact on joint health. In the story, the knee discusses the extent of the strain: “The Body pulls into a drive-through on the way to work to get coffee. Thank goodness he’s nixed those sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches,” the knee notes. “With all this additional weight he’s put on, I’m like a toothpick supporting an anvil. Not only is The Body’s belly crippling me, it’s also putting my better half, the ‘good knee,’ at serious risk for arthritis. My partner is almost three times more likely to get it, due to The Body’s extra-large size.” If you’re worried about your weight, it’s worth it to work with a physician or trainer who can help you drop pounds and take some pressure off of your joints.

Activity is important

Although it’s never smart to push yourself too hard and risk injuring your joints, you still need to keep them moving. Moderate exercise, including bike rides, swimming, or yoga can keep you in shape without placing too much pressure on your knees. Just listen to the joy that the knee in the story experiences when visiting the local gym: “The Body takes a spin on the elliptical. Woo-wee! I feel better than I have in days. I can’t wait for the weight machines. Strong muscles help support and stabilise my joint.”

Although it might feel silly to think of your knee as having a voice, giving it a personality and being mindful about how it feels can help you make smarter, healthier choices. If you have any concerns about the state of your knees, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We want you to be as healthy as you can so you can live a great life!

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