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Is a new knee with it? Science says yes!

Lots of individuals find the idea of a knee replacement surgery intimidating. We get it. Over the years, there have been stories of surgeries gone wrong, as well as men and women who have had mixed results after a procedure. The reasons for complicated surgeries vary, but they range from inexperienced surgeons to bodies that reject new faux joints.

Still, we think these minor risks are well worth the larger odds of a successful procedure and chance at a restored life. We have numerous patient testimonials that explain the positive impact a new replacement has had. Vanessa, for example, was back to biking and gardening, as well as her work at the art foundry, just a few months following her joint replacement. In her video testimony, she explains the comprehensive evaluation we gave her prior to her deciding on surgery, and how she felt comfortable with the options that were presented to her. Richard, a New York patient, had similar results. Just three days after his procedure, he was already walking perfectly, and in seven days, he was running with no pain. And six months after a double-knee surgery, Brooklyn resident Joan wrote to me: “I’m doing great with these new knees! I’ve gone kayaking, and hiked up a craggy slope with the aid of a walking stick for balance. And ordinary walking is a pleasure I’d forgotten all about. So, the surgery has made a huge positive difference for me. So, thank you so much for encouraging me to take that ‘leap of faith’ and go for the surgery, which has really been life changing.”

But it’s more than just patients who are seeing the success. Science agrees and has provided quantitative evidence to back up these rave reviews. AARP has reported on a study that found a knee replacement procedure offers significant relief from chronic pain and other arthritic symptoms. The study was completed by doctors at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. According to the report, “those who had surgery to replace a knee or hip enjoyed a substantial, 24-point drop on the scale a year later.” One doctor who examined the results stated that the findings were “exactly the kind of information people are longing for.”

My own lab work has yielded similar stats. I maintain a strong commitment to innovative research. My main interest is the integration of existing and pioneering electronic technology to the field of knee replacement biomechanical science, and I actively work to bridge the gap between biomechanics and clinical medicine. During my work with innovative techniques, including minimally invasive procedures and robotic support, I have observed both in the lab and anecdotally what a new knee can do for patients.

Your new knee can reduce chronic aches and pains, as well as expose you to a variety of activities that are currently challenging or altogether impossible because of damaged joints. If you find yourself in this position, don’t despair. Know that you have options — and that we are here to talk about them with you. Call and schedule an appointment today.


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