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Hip and Knee Surgical Procedures

Dr. Meere specializes in knee and hip surgery. He covers essentially the whole spectrum of care for these two joints. The following menus define the scope of the practice. The listings are representative of the progression from the least to the most complex disorders. Our practice emphasizes the need to reserve complex surgery as a last resort and preserve native joints and ligaments as long as deemed reasonable. To that effect we offer joint preservation, minimally invasive and novel soft tissue sparing approaches to facilitate recovery. Through his research initiative at the Advanced Arthroplasty Research Laboratory Dr. Meere also strives to incorporate the latest in sensor technology and robotics to the filed of hip and knee surgery. This has led to remarkable improvements in soft tissue balancing with improved patient functionality and outcome scores. He also collaborates closely with colleagues to treat complex issues such as severe deformities, congenital, acquired or post-traumatic. Such challenging cases are best handled by multi sub-specialty collaboration between seasoned specialists.

Knee & Hip Procedures