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“I want you to know that you did a terrific job on my surgery and I could not have been happier with the process or the results. You were everything I hoped to find in a surgeon.”

Maureen O., Belchertown, MA

“Dr. Meere, yourself and the rest of the staff have been incredibly kind and patient – and the surgery was a huge success…mostly pain-free ever since! Thanks for everything.”

Dave, Brooklyn, NY

Patrick A. Meere, M.D. | Testimonials | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)“Enclosed is a photo taken earlier this month at my first dance competition since all the surgeries. I thought you would like to have this ‘proof’ of your expert work.”


Wendy S., New York, NY

“I want to thank you for your guidance with my knee over the past months! From the very start in your office, I had the confidence I was under the very best care possible. I am now in week 9, and think I am making really good progress. Every person I dealt with – your office and all the health care professionals of every level at NYU Langone, were terrific! I know you have gone out of your way for me and I am humbled and appreciative!

Many thanks again!”

Kristen H., Cold Spring Harbor, NY

“‘[Dr. Meere] is not just the gold standard in complicated hip surgeries, he is platinum, [because of what I hear in the industry]’. Referring to patients of yours: ‘I was amazed by how well they did even after very complicated surgeries.'”

Physiotherapist JW, quoted by Nicole K.

“I booked the surgery I have dreaded since I’m 9 years old. I want to thank you for being such an amazing doctor. I am grateful for your kindness, your patience answering the loads of questions me and my medical team (my dad and husband) asked you…and your confidence to take on a pretty tricky hip surgery. And you didn’t even seem slightly daunted by it.

So THANK YOU! You’re a very special doctor, Dr. Meere.”

Nicole K.

“And here’s the thing: I awakened feeling GREAT. Not just emotionally, but my legs felt like my own! Sure, there is some stiffness (not a big deal), but hell, I could not have done this a year ago. At all. Period!

Point: I woke up this morning profoundly grateful that my life intersected with yours, grateful that you took me on as a patient, grateful for your warmth, grateful for your knowledge that as Proust said, “God is in the details”, and grateful for your genuineness, and understanding that medicine is as much about technical competence (that can border on wizardry) as about interpersonal relationship and connection with your patients.

So, I just wanted convey my gratitude for helping me regain a chunk of Life that I feared was rapidly leaving me.”

John P., Baltimore (Ten months after a complex double knee replacement surgery with computer navigation and pressure mapping soft tissue recalibration balancing)

Patrick A. Meere, M.D. | Testimonials | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)“A photo of myself 8 weeks after my THR surgery. I was hiking at Angel Glacier in Jasper National Park. Thanks to you, I am now able to hike with no pain in beautiful places like this!”

Peggy A.

“Dr. Meere, Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling really well at this point and owe that all to you. I know these are routine procedures for you but want to sincerely thank you for doing such a great job. It has made a huge difference for me.”

Bryan F.

“Dr. Meere is a true ‘orthopedic maestro’. He does not just preform surgery, when he’s on the operating stage he performs knee miracles. He recently performed arthroscopic knee surgery on me …and in just 3 days I was already walking perfectly and in 7 days running with no pain. Dr. Meere gave my knee a new lease on life. From his calming bedside manner to his surgical magic, there’s no other choice.”

Richard L., New York, NY

“This is to let you know how grateful I am for my successful knee surgery. I am so pleased. Blessings always,”

Winifred H., Brooklyn, NY

” I am 6 months after double knee replacement surgery: I’m doing great with these new knees! I’ve gone kayaking, and hiked up a craggy slope with the aid of a walking stick for balance. And ordinary walking is a pleasure I’d forgotten all about. So, the surgery has made a huge positive difference for me. So, thank you so much for encouraging me to take that ‘leap of faith’ and go for the surgery, which has really been life changing.

In appreciation”

Joan S., Brooklyn, NY

“Words cannot fully convey the gratitude and admiration I have and feel.

Your guidance, your expertise, your organization, your professionalism, your compassion – is so unique. The personal attention you give is a draw back to the era of ‘Ben Casey’, ‘Dr. Kildare’ and ‘Dr. Welby’.

From the moment I enter your office, I am embraced by a serenity – a soothing generosity that demonstrates your sincere mission of wanting the best for each and every patient.

You work so smoothly as a team, and your unparalleled devotion to those of us who seek – all with fragile needs – carries us through what would otherwise be a stressful, anxiety-ridden process. I am so lucky and honored to have you walking my healing path!

Thank you, with all my heart!”

Camille P., Southampton, NY