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Is aquatic therapy the right fit for you?

When you are recovering from a hip surgery, the last thing you want to do is place an unnecessary amount of strain on your healing joint. At the same time, you need to keep moving in order to help your body properly heal and avoid gaining extra weight that can cause problems down the line. So what’s the solution? Many people find aquatic therapy to be a perfect fit, and New Yorkers have a variety of pools to choose from. Here are a few reasons to consider water therapy as you recover from a partial or full hip replacement surgery.

It’s healthy

Studies indicate that aquatic therapy delivers a faster and more efficacious recovery when compared to conventional physiotherapy. As noted by Entrepreneur, the weight of your body in water is approximately 1/10th of that on land. That means exercising in water is easier on your joints. At the same time, water is 600-700 times more resistive than air, so it aids in strengthening weakened muscles. Working out in water is also helpful for increasing or maintaining your balancing skills. That’s because the water’s buoyancy is there to support you each step of the way. It’s important to keep in mind that exercising in a pool isn’t just limited to swimming laps or making up your own movements. Many facilities offer classes with trained professionals serving as guides, so you can rest assured that your movements are helping you become stronger and keeping your joints happy.

It’s relaxing

If you’re feeling sore, water is a helpful tension reliever. Specifically, warm water increases your blood supply to injured and tight muscles. The result? Decreased pain. You can also look for therapists who offer specific techniques aimed at relaxation. For example, there are several ancient Japanese approaches that focus on stress relief and improved circulation. Let your therapist know that you are recovering from a hip surgery and they will likely have several suggestions for putting you at ease.

It’s fun

Not everyone enjoys gym-style exercise, but swimming or simply floating around in a pool is appealing to people of all ages. Quite frankly, water therapy makes exercise and rehabilitation kind of fun. You’ll likely find yourself challenged by instructors to do movements that would prove much more challenging on land. Additionally, if you are in a group class setting, you might walk away with some new friends who can relate to your hip pain problems and provide support.

For the right person, physical therapy in a water setting is a dream. If you’re interested in learning about your options for recovery after surgery or want to learn more about preventing further joint damage with water instruction, don’t hesitate to speak up. I am all about connecting individuals with strategies and recovery techniques that fit their lifestyles and interests.

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