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Rangers’ Lindberg Will Miss a Month of the 2016-17 Season

How long before Lindberg’s back in the game?

Oscar Lindberg, left wing of the Rangers, having recently undergone successful hip surgery, is expected to miss approximately the first month of the Rangers’ 2016-17 season. While professional athletes may be healthier than average because they remain so remarkably fit, they are certainly at high risk of accidental injuries. News stories report on the injuries of celebrity athletes daily, not only out of human interest and concern, but because such injuries cause absences that can affect important games, and even whole sports seasons.

What kind of injury did Lindberg have and what caused it?

Hockey is a relatively rough sport. Apart from injuries resulting from sudden jolts or bouts of aggression, players’ bodies experience much more wear and tear than those of the general population. Lindberg required surgical intervention to repair a relatively simple bilateral hip labral repair, the result of constant wear and tear of the hip joints. Since his recovery is expected to take 6 months, it is anticipated that Lindberg with be back on the ice by November, soon after his 25th birthday on October 29th.

Lindberg’s Stats

Lindberg won the Lars-Erik Sjoberg Award last autumn as the team’s top 2015 rookie.  Scoring four goals during the first three games of the season, he became a regular in the lineup. During 68 games, he accumulated 13 goals, 28 points, a plus-12 rating and 43 penalty minutes. In spite of his proclivity to over-aggression, resulting in the commission of some bad penalties, overall Lindberg had a solid season.

Though Coach Alain Vigneault kept Lindberg out of play for 11 of the team’s final 13 games, The Daily News reported that this was not due to his injury. Lindberg has one more year at a salary of $650,000 before he becomes a restricted free agent.

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